LinkedIn Lead Generation

Get Highly Targeted Leads Into Your Sales Funnel

Do You Want New Leads Without Paying for Ads or Spending Time on Outreach? 

Trying to decide on the best option to generate leads into your business can be confusing and lead to guess work rather than a focused strategy. It’s like shooting a scatter gun to see what falls from the sky.

But there is one digital network where you can connect with your customer, deliver powerful messages and begin a business relationship that could lead to great things.

It’s time to leverage off the most powerful, most overlooked and most underutilized business tool ever…LinkedIn.

Using a proven process which combines tried and tested messaging with focus and consistency you will see results.

Business Platform

LinkedIn is designed to be a prospecting tool. Businesses and professionals connect with other businesses and professionals for mutual benefit.

Built in Sales Page

Your profile is your Sales Letter and Landing Page. It has all the benefits of direct mail but viewable at a click

100% Email Deliverability

You can send many thousands of emails in a campaign but the delivery and open rate are poor when compared to LinkedIn. With LinkedIn you have 100% deliverability… It’s pretty incredible… and it bypasses increasingly tough spam laws and GDPR.

Laser Guided Targetting

You can find your exact target persona and you can then contact them directly… no info@ or sales@ emails that are often deleted before they are opened.

Before We Talk About LinkedIn…

What About Other Lead Generation Options Out There For Your Business?

Now is the time take advantage of the fact that most businesses have their attention on Facebook…

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook And the thing is, Facebook is not a B2B platform. According to LinkedIn’s The State of Sales Report, 80% of B2B social leads come through LinkedIn, 13% through Twitter and only 7% through Facebook.

For B2C, yes, it can work but if you want to reach the senior decision-maker for a large organisation, a Facebook ad is not effective, efficient or value for money.

While your competitors are focusing their efforts on that platform it leaves an opportunity open for you to fish where the fish are on Linkedin.

It won’t be that way forever though.

News of success spreads fast and soon the crowd will be moving over to Linkedin making it harder to get the quick return on investment we see today.



High cost per click for your top keywords plus competition from big players with bigger marketing budgets.



It can work but it’s the wrong tool for the job. Plus ads are costly and running efficient campaigns can eat into time that can be spent running your business.


Direct Mail

It can work but the downside is it’s a slow burn.  You either buy a list (which isn’t good practice) or build your database which can take years to develop.


E-Mail Marketing

Here’s a good example of an overcrowded, over competitive channel. Not to mention CAN SPAM and GDPR. Plus if you are not a natural at creating engaging copy it can be an uphill struggle to keep consistent.

So to sum up… Adwords is costly, very competitive and overcrowded. Facebook has limited B2B reach, ad costs seem to be increasing and your message has a lot of noise to cut through.

As well as all of this, all these methods have one thing in common (besides the cost and risk) and that is your time and your business’s time to build campaigns, design collateral, find prospects and write copy. 

How We Generate Leads Through LinkedIn

Imagine a sales team reaching out to 60 target customers per day or over 1200 direct contacts per month. This we Do For You

For businesses that want genuine leads but don’t want to take two years of trial and error working out this system, we do the whole LinkedIn Lead Generation process. Done For You for a Set Monthly Fee, No Ad Spend and No Hidden Expenses

Give Your LinkedIn Profile a Makeover

Write your profile and headline so it becomes a sales page.

Target The Right Connections

Reach out to 60 of your ideal prospects Monday through to Friday.

Manage Your Messaging and Sales Comms

We’ll reach out to your ideal prospects with tested proven copy. No trial and error here.

Follow Up Communication

We’ll follow up with your prospect until they say they are interested or not.

Notify You When It's Time to Sell

As soon as your prospect has shown interest to speak with you we will notify you so you can step in and make the sale.

Generate Warm Leads

You can expect qualified leads every week of ideal prospects, these are people who have booked a call or are asking you to call them directly.

60 Connects per Day, Every Single Working Day  

Why do you need daily outreach?

LinkedIn is a use it or lose it platform.

You can only contact a set number of people every day on LinkedIn but if you miss a day … it doesn’t carry over.

Let’s say you’re allowed to request 60 connections per day. If a busy day means you only get around to 20 you don’t get to reach out to 100 tomorrow, your daily limit is 60.

So you need to be disciplined to commit to 60 contacts every single day.

We will do that for you. 

You maybe thinking “I could do that myself” and I’m sure you could.. But be honest with yourself, are you really going to do this? Search for and connect to 60 prospects every single buisness day for one, two or even three months?

Consistency is the key to success

Because the key to getting this right is consistency. Getting you leads will be my priority, every day, not just the days when I feel I’ve got the time or when we can fit it in…that way you know it’s getting done.

Also consider this…how many prospects learned about your business directly from you today? 5? 10? Zero? Probably not 60. And tomorrow? and the next day? and the next?

Now you can start seeing the power of the world’s largest business network.What if 1200 prospects know about you this month who hadn’t heard about you last month? …there are some strong foundations being built for you even if many are not ready to commit to a call now.

That’s how we can help you, by implementing this powerful sales process as a “Done For You” service.


Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers

A Little More Detail

Is This An Automated System?

No! LinkedIn does not endorse any automation. Using a bot for connecting and messaging could lead to a ban. Our “done for you” service is manually carried out by a trained member of our team and can take up to 50 hours per month.

Am I Tied Into A Lengthy Contract?

No! We do suggest a minimum of three months of LinkedIn Lead Generation activity. However, there are no contracts and we can pause activity in monthly segments, for example if you already have enough leads in your funnel.

How Important is LinkedIn for B2B?

As of 2019 there are 606 Million registered users with 48.% or 303 Million monthly active users. 93 Million are senior influencers and 63 Million are in a decision making position.

According to Omnicore LinkedIn makes up over 50% of all social traffic going to B2B websites and 80% of social B2B leads compare to 13%  Twitter and 7% Facebook

How Much Will My Network Grow?

We will target and connect to 60 of your perfect customer profile every business day. This equates to 1200 per month and we see an average acceptance rate of between 30% to 50% so you can expect your network to grow by 400 to 600 per month.

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